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Megan McArdle Outlining GOP Comeback Strategy for 2010 Midterm Elections - January 2009

by AFF

Excerpt from:

FF - Inaugurate This! A Libertarian and Conservative Plan for the Future- Part 1
by America's Future Foundation

With millions of triumphant Obama supporters scheduled to descend on Washington during Inauguration Week, young libertarians and conservatives inaugurate their own plans for the future of freedom and the Republican Party. Join AFF for a very special pre-inauguration event featuring the young libertarians and conservatives who have taken a leadership role in shaping this vision, re-branding the Republican party, restoring confidence in market principles, deploying technology, providing new ideas, and developing the strategy to reach out to independents, young voters, the middle class, and other important constituencies.
In part one: Meagan McArdle and Ross Douthat.

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